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Camp Map.

Programs Activities 1Camp St. Charles is a traditional summer camp offering a wide range of activities and experiences. Our master schedule is designed to schedule each camper team to each activity during their two week adventure. Most activities are assigned twice per two week session. 


Camp St Charles offers one and two week camp sessions. Parents are encouraged to review the program offerings and their summer schedule to select the best fit for theri family. 


Personal growth is a goal for our campers. More about our camper goals can be found here.


All of our specialized activities are lead by trained instructors. Our counselors are trained in first aid, CPR and have completed extensive training prior to working with our campers. Many of our counselors are former Camp St. Charles campers. All staff members have a criminal background check.


Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a fun way to explore the Charleston Creek. Campers make it look so easy!




Nature Area and Horseback Riding: Our campers participate in Western style trail riding. Older campers may volunteer to spend additional time grooming and caring for our group of gentle horses. We have a menagery of animals in our nature area, which may include pigs, turkeys, chicks, ducks, rabbits, donkeys, goats and many other animals. Campers help with the care, feeding and cuddling of our animals. Care for Creation is a key CSC value and campers practice living out our faith through care for animals.



Tubing and Speedboat rides: Campers will be scheduled for a speedboat ride and a tubing experience. Tubing is known at hydro at Camp St. Charles.


Programs Activities 9Programs Activities 8



Programs Activities 4 Swimming: We enjoy spashing around in the Fr. Glen Willis Swimming Pool, which was renovated in 2019 and renamed to honor our beloved, Fr. Glen Willis!


Environmental Education: Campers explore the river and the animals that depend on it through a variety of hands on activities including river seining, bird watching, nature walks and more.


Giant Swing: We have a high ropes experience called the Giant Swing. Campers decide how high to fly as their peers pull them high in the air. When it’s time to fly, the camper pulls the pin for a thrilling free fall and swing.



Programs Activities 6 Canoeing: Our campers are introduced to canoeing and learn more complex skills as they improve.


Sports: Our campers participate in a variety of team sports. Our emphasis is on team work and we ask all campers to participate. We play soccer, volleyball, flag football, tetherball, basketball, hockey, softball, kickball, rugby and more. And Gaga, which is a camper favorite!


Arts and Crafts: We create a wide range of arts and crafts projects at Camp St. Charles. Campers enjoy creating a ceramic piece and making key chains and lanyards with plastic lacing (gimp). Ceramics become a tangible reminder of our Camp St. Charles adventures!





Programs Activities 7Target Sports: Our campers learn archery and may earn awards for having the highest score or for most improvement in each age group. Campers 6-9 years old also participate in BB target shooting. Older campers participate in riflery at our .22 range. Campers can earn awards for the best score and most improvement in BBs or riflery.


Campfires: We celebrate the beginning of a new session with an opening campfire event to welcome everyone to CSC. At the end of each two week session, we have a closing campfire that is full of awards, skits, songs and other entertainment provided by the staff and campers.



Programs Activities 2Ropes Course: We have a low ropes course, also known as a challenge course. This activity focuses on team building and overcoming fears. 


Camping: 6-9 year olds spend a day camping on Skull Island. 10-11 year olds spend the night. The skull island primitive campsite is located directly across the river from Camp St. Charles. We travel by row boat to the island.


Major's Day Trip: 12-13 year old campers (Majors) will take a day trip away from camp for a field trip. Major campers enjoy a day away for an adventure. For 2022, Major campers attending a two week program will visit Terrapin Adventures for a field trip day.


Mentor Program: Campers who have attended Camp St. Charles may continue beyond age 13 if they are accepted into the mentor program. Prospective mentors complete an application and provide personal references. If selected, they work with younger campers and attend meetings to gain skills in leadership and caring for others. (More on the Mentor Program and Application materials)